The Story behind Drinan and Cylan

It all began as a simple dream one night in October of 2001. I was fast asleep when the idea for a whole new world (or in this case two different worlds) slipped inside my dreams. This is the beginning.

The next morning, I went to my room mates to explain this dream. Suddenly Drinan and her sister planet Cylan took shape, connected by a maelstrom. Drinan became the desert planet, and Cylan the water planet, which was draining all the water from Drinan.

The dreams have come off and on, giving me a more detailed look at the worlds themselves, their culture and their make up. Drinan is a magical world, though nearly waterless teems with life, and magical motorcycles. Cylan with her floating cities and larger animal life balances precariously upon the brink of an underworld take over, and it's up to her police service to stop this from happening. While Drinan would be reminicent of the middle ages, Cylan is more modern and scientific. The best mage acadamy in the system is located on Cylan, however, the mages on Cylan need to use "bottled magic" and have subsequently lost any power they had over the people of Cylan.

Over the last year or so I've been working steadily on Drinan and Cylan, because building one world is difficult and building two is even more so. With the help of my fiance, Eric Funk, I believe we finally have something that's workable, and though things have changed from the dreams I had, I believe these worlds are going to be interesting, to both myself as the writer and to the readers.

Here comes the legal bit. I, Ilona Webb, own sole Copyright (c) to these two worlds, and whatever they contain. I have given permission to Eric Funk to write for Drinan and Cylan, and assist with any developments in the world building. If anyone has any questions or concerns or wishes to write for Drinan and Cylan, they MUST contact me and gain permission in WRITING. Along with writing for Drinan and Cylan, I've been doing artwork and comic strips based on the stories I've been concocting. Again, Eric Funk has permission to do his artwork and his comic strips on these planets. All of our work is original and Copyright (c) by us.

World building is a long and detailed process, and with working and other commitments, Drinan and Cylan books maybe a long time in the making. But believe me, I am working on them and I want them to be believable in their own way.

Ilona Webb
October 6, 2002